Team Building Art Experience

Are you searching for a great way to boost creativity, communication, cooperation, connection, and trust in your team or organization??

Maybe you’re looking for a unique and fun way to reward your group or celebrate a milestone or holiday.

Our targeted Team Building Art Experiences boost morale, reduce stress, jumpstart creativity & problem-solving skills, and strengthen working relationships to get your business or organization communicating and working together like never before!

We offer several options that encourage collaboration, originality, risk-taking, and trust, along with options that are primarily for fun and connection. We can even customize an experience to fit your needs. Options include:

o   Group Canvas Mural

§  The team creates a mural composed of many canvases

§  Each team member paints their own canvas (we’ll pre-draw line art on each canvas ahead of time).

§  Once the individual canvases are done, we’ll wrap up the activity by facilitating assembling the canvases into one big mural.

§  We can customize using your logo, theme, messaging, etc.

o   Canvas Swap

§  In this trust-building collaborative activity, each participant begins at a paint station and begins painting a canvas as instructed by the facilitator.

§  Every 15 minutes, the participants rotate and pick up where the last person left off, painting on this new canvas for the next 15 minutes.

§  We’ll gather at the end to discuss what it’s like to pick up a project mid-way, access the current status of the project, figure out next steps, and move forward to completion. We can also talk about what it’s like to hand off a project mid-way and trust the next person to complete the project in his or her own way, letting go of our own preconceptions.

o   Lunch-Break Art

§  Quick 1-2 hour class we bring to your lunch room or conference room to provide employees the chance to break up their routines, socialize with one another, unleash their creativity, and reduce stress. Choose from a wide range of projects from watercolor to macramé to concrete planters and more.

o   Just for Fun!

§  Creativity and laughter are good for the soul, and great for organizations and teams!

§  Bring your employees in for an afternoon or evening of art-making with no other goal than relaxation, fun, and connection.

§  We have MANY options for projects that take 1.5 – 3 hours to complete.

o   More!

§  This is just a sampling of the options we have for team building. We can brainstorm with you to create the perfect artistic experience for you and your team.

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