FAQs & Policies, etc.

What is the age limit for your workshops?

Generally our workshops are recommended for those 16 and over.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel from your confirmation email and receive a full refund up to 72 hours before your workshop. After 72 hours, we cannot issue a refund or credit for the class for ANY reason (including illness, work, travel, etc), although you are welcome to give your class to a friend. This policy is outlined during the registration process, and you are required to agree to it prior to completing your registration.

Why don’t you offer refunds or credits within 72 hours of a workshop?

Each workshop requires a tremendous amount of preparation and planning, including ordering and preparing supplies and making sure we have the right staff here, etc.  Even though our workshops are premium quality, we price them about 25% lower than others in the market so that they are as affordable and accessible as possible, and with every last-minute cancellation we lose money. We hope you can understand that as a small business, we’ve had to make this a ‘no exceptions’ policy so that it is fair to ALL of our customers.

How long is a typical workshop?

Most workshops are between 1 ½ and 3 hours long.

Do I have to pay extra for supplies?

All of your supplies and tools are included with workshops, unless otherwise noted in the class description.

In addition, we have ‘open’ times for different interests, such as crochet, embroidery, and junk journaling where you will be able to use our tools and facility but for which supplies (consumable things like yarn etc) are not included. During ‘open’ times, a limited selection of kits and supplies will be available for purchase.

Can I bring a guest who just wants to watch?

Anyone in attendance needs to be registered for the workshop.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you’d like, but some of our project run the risk of staining clothing. We’ll have an apron you can wear, but if you’re as messy as we are, you’ll be most comfortable in cloths that won’t make you distraught if they are damaged. And of course, you’ll be able to tell more from each class description.

What time should get there?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the starting time so that you can get checked in and settled. We will start on time, every time! And in order to be respectful of all class members, we won’t backtrack to cover information that’s already been presented. 10 minutes early is on time!

What should I bring with me?

You might want to bring your own water or other beverage, non-alcoholic please. We will have drinking water available for everyone.

Fun fact for coffee lovers: Depending on the route you take, you’ll pass a Starbucks right before arriving at Haven Place. There’s a Sonic close by, too! Just a little FYI if you’d like to plan accordingly. I know I would!

Be sure you bring any eyeglasses needed to do detailed crafting. Otherwise I probably have 5 pairs of readers in my purse and I’ll be happy to loan you some. ☺

What if I have sensitivities or allergies to fragrances or chemicals?

Many of our workshops utilize substances that could very likely cause issues for you. We do our best to provide good ventilation, and we provide safety equipment such as gloves and light-weight masks when advised by a product label. However, we understand that for those with sensitivities, this wouldn’t be nearly enough to prevent a reaction. In addition, there are chemicals and potentially irritating substances stored in the workroom, even if the workshop itself doesn’t use any of them. For this reason, Haven Place is unfortunately and expressly NOT an appropriate or safe place for those who are bothered in any way by fumes, chemicals, smells, fragrances, and so on.


Our restroom is a bit of a walk so be sure to plan ahead! We will have bathroom breaks but you are of course free to take breaks as needed.


Haven Place is easily accessible for everyone, regardless of mobility issues.


We love pictures and preserving memories! Chelsea will often take photos and videos during workshops for posting on social media and for use in marketing materials and so on. With your registration you have consented to appear in these photos and videos. If you do not want photos with your image to be used in this way, you must notify us to that effect in advance. We will be happy to honor your request, but please let us know prior to the workshop.

Liability Waiver

When you register for any workshop or attend any event, paid or free, at Haven Place, you agree to hold harmless Haven Place LLC, and its members and staff, including employees, volunteers or others connected with the event or with Haven Place LLC in any way, and hold them harmless and release from all claims due to any personal injury or damages of any kind arising from participation.

Do you do private parties?

Yes! You can choose from any of our workshops and we can plan for a private event for groups from 10-24 people. We can also bring a workshop to YOUR location for larger groups. We don’t provide food or beverages, but you are welcome to bring your own*. A private Haven Place event is a fabulous idea for:

  • Birthday parties

  • Girls’ night out

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Group date nights (Prom, anyone?)

  • Corporate incentives

  • Corporate team-building

  • Any excuse to get together!

Depending on the workshop selected, rates are $30-$35 per person with a 50% deposit required with the reservation. Contact us at hello@haven-place.com with details on what you need and your contact information, and we will get back with you asap.

(*no alcohol, please)

Can I rent Haven Place for a meeting?

Yes! It’s a great place for meetings of up to 24 people, and we make it affordable, too! Contact us at hello@haven-place.com with details on what you need and your contact information, and we will get back with you asap.

We were green before it was trendy.

We recycle, reuse, and do our best not to waste or pollute. Please be mindful when using paint, glue, etc. to take a minimum amount on your pallet or in your container so that we aren’t washing these things down the drain and into our aquifers or throwing them out with the trash. We can prevent most of that from happening simply by taking a minimal amount and replenishing as needed.